Custom engineering FAQ’s

Q: I have a project or product that requires hardware design. Can you help?
Yes. First we need to know the specifics to ensure there’s a fit between your requirements and our capabilities. Please contact our lab or phone us at
+1 781.573.3050

Q: We wish to send you an RFI/RFP for a development project we believe will interest your company. To whom do I send it?
A: Please send your RFI or RFP via email. Due to volume, we do not respond to all requests.

Q: We require custom one-off hardware on a tight deadline. Can you provide quick turnaround and how can we get this going?
Liquidware often works to tight deadlines. Call +1 781.573.3050 and ask for Justin.

Liquidware products

Please visit the online shop for answers related to purchasing our products, shipping, returns and exchanges.

Technical assistance with products

Q: Where can I find more technical information about your products or sample code?
For Arduino and TouchShield Slide, the best place to get started is the Start Here page. The Antipasto HW Wiki is a great place where product specific code and links are included as well. The Antipasto blog contains walkthroughs, tutorials, and projects complete with pictures and videos. Use the search box to find projects relating to a specific product.

Job applications

Q: What openings do you have?
Openings vary. We do not currently post job openings on our web site.

Q: May I send my resume?
If you think we will be interested in what value you can add to Liquidware then please send your resume to jobs[at]liquidware[dot]com. Please note two or three value points in your email and attach your resume as a PDF. We do not respond to unsolicited applications or provide an acknowledgement of receipt unless we have a specific interest.

Q: I’m a recruiter/staffing agency. How do I send you information about the candidates I have?
All submissions you send will be considered unsolicited and will be added to our resumé database. Liquidware will not be obligated to pay a referral fee unless we have specifically engaged your agency. If you wish your agency to be considered, please send an email to jobs[at]iquidware[dot]com.

Engineering Contacts

Development lab:

Phone: (781) 573-3050 (Monday-Friday, 9-5 EST)
Fax: (860) 893-0234


Resume contact:

Due to the sheer number of resumes we receive, we will not send acknowledgements for unsolicited email.

Online Shop

Please see the FAQ section of the online shop for further information.

Shop contact:

Shipping Address:
Liquidware Engineering
960 Turnpike Street, Unit 15
Canton, MA 02021
United States


If you would like to become one of our authorized distributors, please contact: for more information.