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We used high performance, low power ARMs to drive a new class of portable medical imaging processing devices designed to diagnose Traumatic Brain Injuries in the field… more

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Sensor Display Case Study

Custom Engineering

Liquidware integrates programmable OLED displays and sensors to help Flywheel Sports enhance the traditional indoor cycling experience.


Based in New York City, USA, Flywheel Sports is a pioneer in stadium spin cycling studios rapidly expanding across the United States. Flywheel Sports wanted to launch their first indoor cycling studio within a 6 week timeframe and needed a technology partner capable of rapidly prototyping and deploying a technology solution that would add a unique exercise experience to the traditional indoor cycling stationary bike.


OLED display technology, coupled with real-time sensor data, has become the single most important tool club owners can use to create unique club experiences that help customers directly measure progress, track results, and evaluate performance.


Liquidware partnered with Flywheel Sports’ in-house software team. Using Liquidware’s TouchShield Slide off-the-shelf OLED display panel at the core, Liquidware was able to integrate and deploy a sensor display prototype in under six weeks. The TouchShield Slide delivers a bright, real-time readout from direct connections to sensors fitted at various locations on the bike. Liquidware made sure that performance across the system was seamless and reliable, and provided advisory and support efforts to ensure that the studios were ready to go on opening day.

Beyond being able to track personal statistics, Flywheel Sports introduced a “leaderboard”, which showed top performers in the class in real-time, allowing students to compete with one another and push themselves harder. And by providing measurable results and a distinctive social element, the TorqBoard system revolutionizes the traditional spinning class.


Flywheel Sports launched a different kind of indoor cycling studio where visible, real-time results combined with social networking contributed towards increased cycling competitiveness for participants, boosting subscriptions, repeat customers, and generating demand in future locations

Next Steps

With several successful studios already underway, Liquidware is working to develop customized technology for Flywheel Sports’ next generation system.

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