Profile Management

Superior Profile Management

ProfileUnity is the only Environment Management solution to feature two Windows profile management technologies to manage the challenges of today’s dynamic workspace profile needs.

ProfileDisk™ – for FAST Profile Performance

ProfileDisk technology and VHD profile containers are designed to handle large amounts of profile data, such as Microsoft Office Outlook 365 caches and OneDrive, storage with ease. These technologies enable users in virtual and Microsoft RDSH/Citrix XenApp desktop environments to have robust profile performance.

  • Office 365 Outlook Caching and Indexing is handled with ease
  • Large profile data is accessed quickly via block level VHD or VMDK volume
  • Profile data remains compatible with Windows OS type or platform when used with ProfileBridge, ProfileUnity's profile portability technology
  • Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Drive/WorkDocs, Dropbox can seamlessly be cached with VHD profile containers
  • Read more about ProfileUnity's ProfileDisk technology

ProfileBridge™ – for COMPLETE Profile Management

ProfileBridge technology leverages ProfileUnity’s Profile Portability feature to provide a robust, yet portable profile, that works across all Microsoft Windows versions (Windows 7, 10x, Server 2012r2/2016). The technology makes end user profile migrations on Windows obsolete and a user profile easily co-exist in mixed OS environments.

  • Easily add or exclude user profile areas from portability
  • One profile for any Windows version automates user migrations and co-existence among mixed Windows OS versions
  • Add data to the user profile from applications that do not conform/save to AppData folder(s)
  • Archive and roll-back user profiles to ensure no user profile data is lost 
  • Profile data is never locked into a proprietary database scheme and is always accessed from native locations in Windows
  • Easily and seamlessly switch users between Citrix, VMware, Amazon, and physical desktops and workspaces

ProfileBridge and ProfileDisk technologies are designed to work closely together to achieve fast profile performance with the most flexible and dynamic Windows user profile in the industry.