Stratusphere™ FIT

Leading Assessment & User Experience Baseline Solution

Stratusphere FIT is the industry-leading virtual desktop assessment solution for organizations looking to capture desktop and end-user computing details—including information to support server/storage sizing—and desktop image and application design as well as details to assist with user pooling and tiering. Most importantly, Stratusphere FIT captures the baseline user experience—critically essential information to define "normal" thresholds and provide opportunities to define transformational success based on meeting user and performance expectations. Learn more about virtual desktop assessments that support virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and RDS-hosted applications.

Stratusphere FIT defines and captures metrics necessary to support virtual-desktop transformation projects across all platforms, including the VMware Horizon Suite, XenDesktop and XenApp. Learn how the Stratusphere Architecture supports the desktop-transformation process—specifically how Stratusphere FIT collects information about your environment to offer granular visibility that supports the move to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and RDS-hosted applications

Stratusphere FIT can also be used in Windows 10 migrations in order to perform application inventories as well as application-compatibility and hardware-compatibility exercises.

To get a detailed understanding of how Stratusphere FIT can support the onboarding process to next generation desktops, read the Why User Experience is Key to Your Desktop Transformation whitepaper.Liquidware Labs Stratusphere Onboarding Whitepaper

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Watch the featured video below to learn more about how Liquidware Labs Stratusphere solutions provide critical visibility into User Experience on desktops.

Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX Featured Video



Better Desktop Visibility with Stratusphere Solutions



Stratusphere FIT allows you to:

  • Quantify machine, user, application, operating system and infrastructure metrics
  • Define "normal" performance thresholds and baseline the user experience
  • Gain visibility into user persona and authored data
  • Identify applications being used/not used to design a master desktop image strategy
  • Pool users in tiered groups, supporting an optimal desktop architecture
  • Support a thoughtful application strategy based on actual use of consumed resources
  • Design and right-size the supporting infrastructure capacity (CPU, RAM, GPU, Storage, IOPs)

Take a Thoughtful Assessment Approach—​Measure for Success

The virtual desktop assessment process is about approaching the design and successfully navigating a desktop transformation project with confidence. Without visibility into the desktop environment, the process can be difficult—if not impossible. Stratusphere FIT supports the journey to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) as well as to RDSH applications and allows you to:

Save Time

  • Quickly identify the machines, users and groups that will benefit most from a desktop transformation
  • Confidently categorize users and groups into appropriate resource tiers
  • Easily inventory hardware, operating systems and applications

Save Money

  • Right-size the virtual infrastructure design for cost and performance
  • Optimize and define the appropriate application and master image strategy
  • Lower both CAPEX and OPEX using a proven methodology and a proven solution
  • Use one solution to support both physical and virtual desktops