Solutions for Cloud Desktops

Key Use Cases For Cloud Desktops

Liquidware User Environment Management

User Environment Mgmt

User Environment Management for Cloud environments is provided by the leading industry solution ProfileUnity

Liquidware Application Layering

Application Layering

Application Delivery Strategies for Cloud platforms are supported by FlexApp application layering

Liquidware Monitoring


Detailed monitoring metrics data provided by Stratusphere is essential for Cloud Environments

Liquidware Essentials For Cloud-based Desktops and DaaS

The leap to Cloud-based desktops is easy when Essentials is at the center of your cloud-hosted desktop strategy. Whether you're hosting your Citrix or VMware desktops in cloud or you've chosen a turnkey DaaS (Desktops as a Service) solution like Amazon Workspaces, Liquidware workspace environment management solutions are built to ease the transition and to ensure your users always have the best desktop experience possible. 

Cloud-hosted desktops are easy to manage, easy to use, and easy to ensure that your quality of service is being met by your provider when you leverage the Essentials bundle, including Stratusphere, ProfileUnity, and FlexApp, which enables your organization to:

  • Assess your desktops users for prime candidates for Cloud-hosted desktops
  • Select the right-sized DaaS offering for your users
  • Migrate users to your chosen Cloud-based desktop solution 
  • Easily layer and manage your applications
  • Deliver context-aware User Environment Management to secure and enhance user sessions

"Stratusphere UX has allowed us to discover problems more quickly and simply than any other tools, including VMware vROPS."

Senior IT Director at Coast Community College District

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