Stratusphere Use Cases

Proactive monitoring with Stratusphere for planning capacity & workloads for optimum desktop environment performance.

Identify root causes of issues quickly to prevent downtime and keep users productive.

Measure physical desktops to "baseline" and ensure top performance of virtual desktops.

Monitor and Troubleshoot Issues for All Desktops -- On Premises or in the Cloud

Stratusphere is the industry leading desktop user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution.  Because Stratusphere independently defines and collects data metrics, it presents objective, detailed and accurate information about the infrastructure, including system resource consumption, application process behavior and network response times. Organizations get relevant data they need to make informed decisions to "onboard" users from physical to virtual desktops and to troubleshoot and optimize their desktop infrastructures.

“Liquidware provided us with the tools and the methodology to verify and validate what we had built. Stratusphere UX is a tool that let us peek behind the curtain and see what...

Senior Director, IT Infrastructure and Systems Coast Community College District

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