User Virtualization Solutions Comparison

Robust and Affordable User Environment Management

Organizations looking for robust User Environment Management software without the cost, complexity, and proprietary overhead of some solutions will find that ProfileUnity provides the best value every time.  Learn how you can re-invest your maintenance fees for Ivanti's AppSense and RES offerings, to gain big savings and more value with feature-rich ProfileUnity, by reviewing our D2C Ivanti Brochure.   We also have an ROI calculator that can show you exactly how much you specifically can save by switching to ProfileUnity.  To find out, contact for a complete comparison workup.

ProfileUnity offers superior functionality and advanced features such as Application Rights Management and User and Department Installed Applications with its award-winning, advanced FlexApp feature. ProfileUnity is seamlessly scalable and is in use by some of the largest Windows implementations worldwide. A comparison of ProfileUnity features and benefits to other leading competitive solutions is provided below. 

Detailed Overview of ProfileUnity's Competitive Advantages:
Key Advantages ProfileUnity Others
Profiles and data stay in Windows® native format. Yes No.  Require proprietary formats.
Includes Application Rights Management including Privilege Management and Application Restrictions.  Yes Addtl' Charges may apply 
Harvests existing user-authored files/data (My Docs, Pictures, etc.) in background to invoke best practices leaving users unaffected. Yes No
Does not require SQL * ISS Servers, which adds to project time and cost. Yes No.  Require backend systems.
Polices are implemented with Admin rights enabling powerful administration beyond the user context.  Yes Some
Enterprise implementation is possible in one afternoon. Yes No
Ends migration of Windows profiles: allows co-existence in mixed XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and server hosted environments. Yes No
Does not rely on Microsoft Roaming profiles, but can harvest both standard and Roaming Profiles. Yes No
Profiles can be archived and restored easily. Yes Some
Seamless forward and backward compatible OS and application settings among all OS types and most applications. Yes No
No software (agent) installation processes to run on desktops. Yes No
Application virtualization management -  assign VMware® ThinApp and Microsoft App-V packages dynamically based on context aware settings; also offers additional automated caching, change management, and deployment options for VMware ThinApp.  Yes No
Enables User and Department installed applications with FlexApp Layering. Yes No
Minimal CPU, RAM, IOPS usage during Windows session. Yes No
Extremely affordable acquisition pricing; no backend systems investment required for best ROI, TCO. Proven scalability to tens of thousands of users with existing infrastructure.  Yes No

Note: ProfileUnity competes and is a clear alternative to User Environment Management products and solutions such as AppSense Environment Manager and RES Workspace Manager. AppSense Environment Manager and RES Workspace Manager are not trademarks of Liquidware Labs and it is not our intent to claim these as our own. For more details about how our products compare to a specific competing product, please contact

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