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Physical computing with BitDJ

Fire Arduino pins as you tap the screen. BitDJ allows for looping of a tap sequence and playback- attach it to a PowerSquid for a custom light show or use it to fire pins and test any other shield.

Parts for Physical computing with BitDJ:
Files for Physical computing with BitDJ.

You might also have discovered that if you boot up BitDJ, you can go to the system menu and turn on inter-screen fading (which looks really cool with the hardware in-out soft fading, kind of like an Apple laptop’s pulse button).

I’ve uploaded the rest of the TouchShield’s built-in commands are over at the function reference wiki.

4 Comments on Physical computing with BitDJ

Chris Aug 16 2008


hex705 Feb 01 2009

Code links for this example are not found.

The shield came loaded with this, but I re- programmed it and now can’t replace the example.

Can you fix / repost somewhere? It is a great starting point.


fred Oct 31 2009

I found on the Arduino side I had to change the serial command to “serial.begin(9600);” from ” beginSerial(9600);”

Can’t get the TouchShield side to compile. I get a host of bmp errors. HELP!!

fred Oct 31 2009

Chris Ladden responded that SubPGraphics.cpp had been rewritten in the Touchshield core and sent me a revised version….Thanks Chris!

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