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Android Virtual IDE

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Many of the tools in the Embedded and Development category are designed to accelerate the design and prototyping cycle. The Android Virtual IDE, or Android V-IDE, focuses on speeding up application development on custom hardware.

A key challenge is setting up a dedicated Linux machine, calibrated specifically for development at both the application level as well as the kernel and driver level. This typically requires significant setup time and costs, and also ties development to this dedicated machine.

The Android V-IDE is that pre-configured, dedicated machine. A portable external hard drive that can be carried anywhere, it gives your existing computer the ability to boot a Linux virtual machine specially designed for Android development. Coding applications on hardware like the Android Hardware Development Kit is now plug-and-play.

As a virtual machine running on an external hard drive, the Android V-IDE module can be swapped to any computer, and avoids the problem of having to boot Linux separately, providing greater flexibility and ease of development.

Key applications are pre-installed with fully configured settings and sample code, so tweaks, edits and troubleshooting are no longer an issue with the Android V-IDE, which means you can focus on getting Android applications written faster.

Once booted, the V-IDE becomes a one-click interface to Android programming.

The drive is designed to work with the Android DIY Starter Kit+ and Android Hardware Development Kit

The Virtual IDE Pro Edition includes the Android Hardware Development Environment pre-installed on the virtual machine, eliminating the need for a separate installation DVD.


  • 40 GB virtual image
  • 120 GB @ 5400 RPM
  • Connection over USB 2.0
  • 40 GB virtual image of Ubuntu Linux
  • Compile and run example Java code on the device in one click
  • Preconfigured USB debug drivers for the Android Hardware Development Kit
  • VMWare Player (for Windows, Linux PCs) and VirtualBox (for Mac) included
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.