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BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen

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The BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen is the latest of Liquidware’s expansion modules designed for use with the BeagleBoard. This upgraded version packs a serious punch and can be likened to a laptop battery. It shares the same form factor as the original BeagleJuice, so if you find yourself needing portable power, the BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen is definitely the way to go. If you find you need more portable power, the BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen High Capacity offers an impressive 8,400mAh charge capacity.

Like its predecessor, the BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen makes the BeagleBoard (or PandaBoard) portable. A battery module that provides a quad output 5V power supply directly to the BeagleBoard, it can be mounted onto the back side using standoffs, which keeps the expansion ports easily accessible.

The 4200mAh Li-ion battery is charged using specialized charging circuitry that boosts performance for longer-lasting applications. The module itself can supply power through a special, 2-pin barrel jack, or directly through wires on dual pin headers. It can be charged using a 19V power adapter for accelerated charging.

Like most portable, handheld devices, the BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen can provide power while plugged in, and there’s an on/off switch to make booting and shutting down simple. Best of all, the modular form of the BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen fits with the BeagleTouch to sandwich the BeagleBoard – resulting in a solid, handheld Android or Linux-based computer in the palm of your hand.


  • 4200mAh battery (or 8,400mAh for the High Cap)
  • Quad 5V output
  • 4A Current delivery
  • Max Current Rating: 4A sustained 5A Max (from peak load spikes)
  • Powers a BeagleBoard for at least 10.5hrs (20hrs with the High Cap)
  • Powers up to 4 BeagleBoards
  • Pin-headers to provide direct power supply for any application
  • 19V power supply (with a 2.1A current rating) included
  • Battery charge status LEDs
  • Button controlled battery power level LED meter
  • 4 mounting standoffs included
  • On/Off switch


  • BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen battery module
  • 4 mounting standoffs
  • 19V AC/DC power supply (MeCap, HiCap)
  • 2 4-inch barrel adapter output cables (MeCap, HiCap)
  • 2 18-inch barrel adapter output cables (HiCap only)
  • Barrel jack with 12-inch cable (LoCap only)

In true DIY spirit, the LoCap version of the BeagleJuice, 2nd Gen battery comes with a barrel jack and a 12 inch cable that will allow you to create your own 19V power supply. We have a quick demo of how to wire your barrel jack on our wiki in the FAQ section on the page.


Video Demo

Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.