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The BeagleMod is an expansion and hardware prototyping module for the BeagleBoard – making it a truly hackable, embedded computer. Integrating sensors or other specialized hardware with the BeagleBoard can be done in a much more organized and reproducible fashion, which works for both embedded prototypes or finished applications.

With 378 plated solder pads, the BeagleMod provides plenty of space for hardware hacking that interfaces directly with the BeagleBoard computer.

The BeagleMod also replicates standard BeagleBoard expansion headers to offer physical hardware access to pins otherwise obscured, making it easy to connect, test, or program custom circuits.

Headers are included to allow the BeagleMod prototyping module to be mounted directly onto the BeagleBoard pins, or via standoffs on the back side of the board.

For optimal customization, headers are not pre-soldered.


  • 378 plated solder pads
  • 2 white power indicator LEDs
  • duplicated sets of BeagleBoard expansion pins
  • duplicated sets of serial pins
  • onboard female headers to transfer 5V power
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.