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Open SciCal X101

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The Open SciCal X101 is a modern, fully-open source take on the classical scientific calculator, fully capable of running and displaying statistical analyses in the palm of your hand.

The Linux-powered Open SciCal X101 combines the mobile processing capability of the 720 MHz ARM-based BeagleBoard with a BeagleJuice battery and the 4.3” BeagleTouch touchscreen, and is pre-loaded with the R open source statistical programming language.

Unlike classical scientific calculators, the Open SciCal is hardware hackable, providing pin connections to interface directly with specialized sensors and equipment, making it ideal for field data logging or scientific sensor data collection with on-the-fly data processing.

The Open SciCal X101 comes in different three configurations: base, standard, and enhanced, with additional components suitable for a variety of applications.


  • Field research data collection
  • Portable statistical calculation
  • Financial data analysis

Base Configuration

Standard Configuration

Base Configuration plus:

  • BeagleBoard compatible USB Ethernet module
  • Powered 4-port USB Hub
  • BeagleBoard compatible USB WiFi module

Enhanced Configuration

Standard Configuration plus:

  • Mini USB mouse
  • Mini USB keyboard
  • The R Book, by Michael Crawley


R Running on the BeagleGadget

The Open SciCal Handheld Hedge Fund Calculator


Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.