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Tablet Pack

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For embedded developers who already own their own BeagleBoard, the Tablet Pack comes with all the other modules needed to make the BeagleBoard a portable, 4.4” Linux tablet.

The Tablet Pack comes with the BeagleTouch and BeagleJuice modules. With a 4.4” OLED touchscreen that mounts directly on the BeagleBoard, the BeagleTouch reduces the need for several peripherals and a mess of wires. Serial communication to the BeagleBoard is brought out to a Type B-mini USB port, and the entire setup can be powered and charged through the BeagleJuice battery module, which includes an on/off switch as well.

Everything is modular and snaps on or mounts directly to the BeagleBoard, resulting in a compact handheld device that can serve as a tablet computer or control panel. The kit comes with a 4 GB pre-formatted SD card to boot Angstrom Linux.

The Tablet Pack is a “bring-your-own-BeagleBoard” kit that makes interfacing with BeagleBoard hardware simple and modular, allowing embedded software developers to spend more time building custom applications and less time navigating complex hardware. The result is a modular embedded “dev board” that can be used for prototyping or for the final product.


  • handheld mobile device
  • kiosk interface
  • portable control panel


* BeagleTouch touchscreen display module
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