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Chuck Norris would be proud. Actually, he wouldn’t, because he already built this on his own, and he does benchpresses off of it, and he doesn’t need the Open Source Hardware Bank’s help. For me, on the other hand (and Chris and Dave), I’ve built an Equalizer on a Shield.

The EqualizerShield has two modes: Justice… and Equality. In the Justice mode, the shield acts as a 10×10 blue LED matrix, addressable over serial from pins 0 and 1 on the Arduino. In the Equality mode, the shield acts as an analog pin visualizer. On the backside of the board, there is an 8-wide female header port where you can wire in any analog signal, and the board will display the status on the LEDs on the front, like an equalizer.


  • 100 blue spectrum LEDs
  • 2 Operating Modes, “Justice” and “Equality”
  • Equality operating mode automatically displays the values of 8 analog connections on the LEDs
  • Justice operating more is a serial addressable LED matrix over Arduino pin 0 and 1
  • Fits squarely on top of Arduino and the Illuminato
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.