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BeagleBoard Recovery Disk

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I’ve received a lot of notes from embedded developers and hackers alike that, after making some low-level changes, their BeagleBoard is now “bricked”.

While hardware changes might not be easily reversible, many of these instances that render the BeagleBoard unusable are related to the bootloader, and the board requires reflashing to the factory original.

The BeagleBoard Recovery Disk is specially designed and packaged to eliminate the frustrating and lengthy process of experimenting to bring a bootloader-bricked BeagleBoard back to life.

Like an insurance or a protection plan for any BeagleBoard C4 you own, the BeagleBoard Recovery Disk instantly restores the bootloader to original factory defaults, saving the time and cost of getting a new one.

After running the recovery disk, the BeagleBoard can then be booted with any other OS, like Liquidware Angstrom, Android, or Android Ambrosia.

Note that this recovery disk can only recover BeagleBoard C4’s that experienced a fatal bootloader error, and cannot address non-functioning BeagleBoards damaged due to hardware modifications.


  • 4GB SD Card
  • Class 4: 4MB/s minimum data transfer rate
  • Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) compatible
  • Pre-formatted for BeagleBoard C4
  • Automatically restores bootloader environment to NAND flash
  • Operates through NAND flash restoration
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.