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IXM Red Terminal Programmer

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The Illumiato X Machina Red Terminal Programmer board is a unique, specialized cell, evolved for the purpose of communicating with the computer via direct USB connections. It does not carry an onboard processor, since its role is connective in nature.

With 3 type B-mini USB ports and on-board FTDI controllers, each of the three functional faces of the Red Terminal can be programmed and controlled indepedently.

Also, three independent USB connections can provide power for up to 4 IXM cells, plenty for small, portable projects. Larger arrays will need a heavier power source, directly connected to the array.

Fitting the form factor of the IXM, the Red Terminal sits on the edge of the array to channel code and information to and from the computer. From the Red Terminal, code can spread to the rest of the tribe quickly through the matrix of interconnections.

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Technical Elements

  • 3 type-B mini USB 2.0 ports (480 Mbps)
  • Program up to 3 IXM cells simultaneously
  • 2 W power output per USB port connected

Pin Reference

Top Face

Bottom Face

  • General purpose I/O: 9 pins
  • Total I/O: 33 pins
  • Serial I/O: 3v3 (5V tolerant)
  • 3.3v Output: 150mA, 495 mW (max)
  • 5v Output: 600mA, 3000 mW (max)
  • 12v Output: 250mA, 3000 mW (max)

Resources and References


Programming a tribe of IXMs with a Red Terminal

Programming a tribe of IXM cells through a Red Terminal from Matt Bitz on Vimeo.

Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.