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IXM Micro SD Cell

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The Illuminato X Machina Micro SD Cell provides a removable media interface for the IXM ecosystem. Fitting the standard IXM cell form factor, the Micro SD Cell allows portable information to be processed on the fly.

At a more advanced level, this special Micro SD Cell enables the creation of distributed data storage architectures, as well as data redundancy systems. The Micro SD Cell has a reversible connector, allowing for communication regardless of board orientation.

An onboard 12V voltage regulator provides 3.3V protection, and 2 sets of power pins provide an additional power routing option. The standard pin interface communicates through an SPI emulator, which allows each IXM cell to read information from multiple Micro SD Cells simultaneously. The standard SD data transmission interface is also accessible via 2 unpopulated solder pads in the center of the board. Drivers for the standard SD protocol are currently under development and will be released in the near future.

Data from the micro SD card can be processed and propogated across the entire IXM network through the network of interconnections.

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Technical Elements

  • 7-pin, single-edge interface
  • Reversible connector (orientation-independent)
  • Communication over pins via SPI emulator
  • Communication via standard SD protocol available
  • 3.3V voltage protection

Board and Pin Reference

Top Face

Reversible Connector

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