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zz_Light show 2 go

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Do you ever see those red-carpet events where they have those spotlights moving back and forth? Somehow they always have something to do with movies and movie stars. It’s also decpetively quick and easy to put together- cut some wires, plug things in, you know the drill.

For those of us who were not destined for the silver screen (myself included), now you can replicate that experience in the comfort of your own living room!I don’t have any red carpets or mats lying around, but I’d totally throw it in if I did. Set these up right by your TV, roll out the red carpet, and switch it on to show your home movies and vacation pics in style!


  • 1 RelaySquid
  • 4 50W Indoor/Outdoor halogen spotlight bulbs
  • 4 white adjustable angle spotlight stands

RelaySquid Specifications

  • Power input
  • 4 AC/DC Power Outputs
  • 4 Relays
    • Max voltage: 200 V (AC), 100 V (DC)
    • Max current: 10 A (AC), 5 A (DC)
  • More details on the RelaySquid datasheet
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.