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Open Source Hardware, Vol. 1 - Digital Edition

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Since so many folks were asking for it, I’m offering up the digital edition of the original book in PDF format.

Please include your email address in the order, and I’ll email it to you directly. If this is the only thing you’re ordering, just go ahead and use the “0.01” shipping option.

So I picked up the Arduino not too long ago, since all the cool kids were doing it. Being a total noob to the world of electronics and open source gadgets, I tried to be a good student and take a bunch of notes.

I figured there were a lot of people just like me trying to learn this too, and could probably benefit from some of these projects. There’s kind of an order to when to do each project so that it builds on what you’ve already done- and by the end, I felt like I had a pretty good grasp of things.


  • 1 copy of Open Source Hardware, Volume 1: Do-It-Yourself Gadgets
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.