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Arduino XBee Shield

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The XBee Shield comes with an XBee radio module mounted, so there’s no need to purchase another radio separately.

XBee 2.5 Board 1: Knock Knock

XBee 2.5 Board 2: Who’s there?

XBee 2.5 Board 1: XBee.

XBee 2.5 Board 2: “XBee” who?

XBee 2.5 Board 1: XBee a letter dat come before Y.

XBee 2.5 Board 2: (forced) eh heh heh heh…

If you’re building a low-level serial-controlled Mesh network, that’s probably not too far off from what two of these things would probably say to each other. Hopefully with a little less humor, and a little more baud.

But the airwaves would be a lot less interesting without a pair of Libelium and arduino.cc developed carrier boards to support the XBee 2.5 MaxStream radio. One by itself isn’t all that interesting, but adding two together lets you control and communicate between two Arduino’s, or between an Arduino attached to a laptop and a TankShield skittering across the floor.


  • XBee 2.5 protocol
  • Serial controlled


Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.