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Stratusphere UX Profile Score Description: This video provides an overview of the UX Profile Score in Stratusphere UX, which provides the foundation for quantifying the user experience within the solution.
Jun 26 views: 516 0
Stratusphere UX provides hundreds of reports on key metrics in a desktop environment. This video provides an overview of the types of preinstalled reports and how to access them.
Jun 26 views: 472 0
This video provides an overview of the advanced inspectors in Stratusphere UX that provides a drill down into detailed information about the Machine Boot and Login Processes in a desktop environment.
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This video provides an overview of why Whatcom Community College decided to use Stratusphere UX for monitoring, diagnostics and optimization of the VMware Horizon View VDI environment. Stratusphere UX provided the college IT staff with visibility into...

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This great video by the experts at eGeek Consulting describes how gaining visibility into the desktop environment, especially virtual desktops, is a critical necessity today. Traditional monitoring tools do not go far enough because they cannot...

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