The ButtonShield is a shield built for the Arduino profile that has 32 buttons on it. It has a mode A or B selector, so you can wire up two of these directly to an Arduino, a lot like the InputShield, and still have pins for the TouchShield display.

Here is the ButtonShield Module:

Here is an example of how to mount the ButtonShield onto an Arduino using a DoubleWide ExtenderShield. The TouchShield Slide display is added to complete a more complex gadget.


The ButtonShield uses five Arduino digital pins to report back the currently pressed key. The five pins are interpreted as binary, corresponding to the following decimal values,

The ButtonShield has a Lock button with LED. When the Lock button is pressed, the LED is lit and the values of the keys change, similar to the caps lock button on a standard keyboard. Here are the Lock key values:

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