The InputShield provides a joy stick, two buttons, and vibration motor packed into a shield that fits squarely on top of an Arduino. The InputShield also provides two gaming modes, Mode A and Mode B allowing two InputShields to run on one Arduino at the same time.

Here the the InputShield Base module sitting on top of an Arduino:

Here is how to use the InputShield’s Mode A and Mode B. Two InputShields are mounted to one Arduino using a Triple Wide ExtenderShield. The TouchShield Slide functions as the gaming display interface in the Open PSP Kit found in the shop.

Typical Applications
* Gaming
* Physical Computing
* Robotic Control


Device Features
* 1 Joy Stick
* 2 Buttons
* 1 Vibration Motor
* 2 Operating Modes
* Pass-through signal header
* Data Sheet

1. Functional Description
The InputShield provides the Arduino access to a dual axis joystick, 3 buttons, and vibration motor for force feedback.
An AB Mode selection switch changes the Arduino occupied pins. This mode selection allows two InputShields to be mounted on a single Arduino via an ExtenderShield, preventing the clobbering of the signals.

2. Pin Description

3. Joystick & Buttons A, B, & 3
The InputShield has two primary buttons: “A” and “B” Button 3 is the Joystick when it is pushed down.
The buttons typically output +5V to the respective output.
When the button is pushed, it outputs a low (0V) signal to
the respective output pins. The Joystick output will provide varying analog voltage between 0-5 VDC depending on the rotation angle (lateral or vertical). Read these values on your
Arduino by executing the following code,

unsigned int joyLatValue;
unsigned int joyVertValue;
joyLatValue = analogRead(0);
joyVertValue = analogRead(0);

4. AB Mode Control
The InputShield has two operating
modes: “Mode A” and “Mode B” (see
table in Section 2, “Pin Description”).
These Modes are controlled by a switch
located in the middle of the shield,
identified by the red circle in the figure
to the right.

5. Vibration Motor
A small vibration motor is attached to the bottom of the Shield. The vibration motor will vibrate when Pin 7 (Mode A) or Pin 11 (Mode B) is grounded.

6. Pin Pass Through
Unused Arduino pins can be accessed through the right angle connector (J1). Shown below, J1 also provides access to all the button and Joystick outputs of the InputShield. The signal list is provided in the table below.

7. InputShield Library Integrated Into the Arduino

InputShield Demo Functions

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