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Thank you for your interest in the CommandCTRL beta program.   Liquidware's CommandCTRL is a SaaS Help Desk solution that is purpose built to allow admins to remediate all their Windows workspaces wherever they are located.  This solution is perfect for troubleshooting remote desktops whether physical, virtual or cloud -- or whether they are stand-alone or server based.  Lightweight agents on endpoints provide visibility into both the VM and the endpoint.  There is no complicated, expensive installation or training. 

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Liquidware CommandCTRL Help Desk Remediation Solution

With CommandCTRL, you get:

  • Real-time metrics, real-time diagnostics and real-time remediation instantly.
  • A Search function allows admins to easily find users, machines, processes, and services.
  • Desktop admins can quickly  identify root causes of issues with an at-a-glance Dashboard view. 
  • Drill down and execute actions in a Task-Manager view that provides details about what is occurring in the environment.
  • Communicate with  and assist users directly with built-in Quick Assist, Remote Assist and Teleconferencing options. 
  • A  DVR playback function captures 30 days of history and can show actually what happened occurred, eliminating guesswork. 
  • PowerShell, Cmd and Bash options support creating of custom scripts which can be stored in the Script Store library.
  • A full scripting engine supports internal or imported scripts to execute for a single or group of machines.
  • Scripts are secured with signed certificates.
  • Full Admin Roles based management can be assigned from day one.
  • Full Audit Trails are provided.  
  • Speed Test, Ping, Trace Route testing are also included.
  • Multi-Tenant membership allows IT collaborators to be assigned as tenants to help manage desktops.
  • Leverage ChatGPT Integration to identify processes. Learn more in this blog.

Learn about how all these great features can benefit your organization.  Sign up for the beta program today to see the value of CommandCTRL hands-on!

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