Liquidware Labs Highlights Solutions At 2013 EDUCAUSE National Conference

Company’s solutions in high demand from Education organizations who lead the charge in adopting desktop virtualization to deliver high performance workspaces to students anytime, anywhere, on any device.

EDUCAUSE, Anaheim, CA, October 15, 2013 - Liquidware Labs, the leader in desktop transformation solutions, today announced that it will be demonstrating its virtual desktop software solutions at the EDUCAUSE National Conference in Anaheim, California, October 15 through 18, at Booth 1579.

Liquidware Labs is a corporate sponsor of EDUCAUSE.

“Colleges and universities understand they must keep up with cutting-edge technologies to deliver superior education to students and prepare them for real-world demands,” said Chris Akerberg, President and COO of Liquidware Labs. “We strongly support EDUCAUSE's mission to deliver relevant information to help post-secondary IT leaders navigate emerging trends in higher education and IT.”

Education organizations are among the earliest, and most successful, adopters of desktop virtualization which allows them to easily and cost-effectively keep pace with their dynamic student populations.  Liquidware Labs solutions are used by a growing number of colleges and universities to transform their physically constrained desktop systems into elastic VDI environments that deliver the following benefits of significantly improved:

  • Provisioning of workspaces and applications “on-the-fly” vs. scheduled weeks in advance
  • Fast desktop login times that greatly enhance classroom productivity of students
  • Ability to deliver high performance anytime, anywhere, any device BYOD workspaces, both on and off campus
  • Ability to assign printers and other devices to follow users by location and other usage parameters
  • Productivity of administrative IT staff who spend less time on break/fix and more on strategic enhancements to desktop systems
  • Utilization of existing resources to support green initiatives, including reduced power consumption, longer ‘repurposed’ lifespan of existing computer hardware and lower cost investments in thin clients rather than full PCs or workstations
  • Expense reductions for application licensing by leveraging concurrent user pools, as well as for reclaimed costs for unused applications
  • Student and faculty collaboration with accessible file sharing, with all user data stored centrally
  • Security with desktop disaster recovery and all user profiles and data

Post-secondary Institutions Comment on Liquidware Labs VDI Solutions
“One of our major goals was to make the transition to virtual desktops really transparent and uphold our objectives to provide access and a quality user experience.  I think we’ve achieved that, and we have gotten very good results. ProfileUnity with FlexApp has been central to making the transition in a really doable and straightforward way. It took complexity out of the structures, met our chief objectives and positions us well for continued improvements in the future.”

Brian Zimmerman, Systems Engineer
 Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

“The nature of students is that they might use any desktop, anytime, anywhere on campus. That makes it very important to manage profiles effectively. ProfileUnity has made profile management much easier for us. Students work in different buildings and on different types of desktops, sometimes virtual, sometimes physical, sometimes Windows, sometimes Mac. Their profiles follow them wherever they go, and they get a consistent experience wherever they are on campus.”

— David Farrant, Deputy Head, ILCT Dept.
 Barking &Dagenham College

“Before, each department might buy a single application but would rarely buy the whole suite because it was expensive and they wouldn’t need it all.  Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity makes it easy for us to manage licenses and to enforce rules. The cool thing is now we can buy the whole suite. Students can get the best the software has to offer, and I feel like for the first time we’re finally getting full value for the software we paid for.”

— Steve Vieira
Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of IT
 Community College of Rhode Island

“We knew there would be a lot of challenges for us to go to a virtual desktop infrastructure, especially because of the number of apps that we support. Our typical clinical users require about 10 applications and it is critical that they have the ability to preserve their settings. We knew early on that managing user profiles would be very important to the success of our desktop virtualization initiative. Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity specifically solved the problem we had to provide user personalization on non-persistent desktops. …Now we had the best of both worlds.”

— J.J. Strieff
HIT Network Director at
Michigan State University

About Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs™ is the leader in desktop transformation solutions for next-generation physical and virtual desktops, including VMware View®, Citrix® XenDesktop, Red Hat® and Microsoft® Windows 7. The company's innovative Stratusphere™ FIT and Stratusphere™ UX products support assessment, design, monitoring and diagnostics (Health Checks) of virtual desktop environments. Liquidware Labs award-winning ProfileUnity™ solution with FlexApp, FlexDisk and Flex-IO features supports migration to Windows 7, user and application virtualization and VDI performance acceleration. Liquidware Labs products are VMware-certified and Citrix Ready, and are available through a global network of partners. Visit for further information.