Shared Service Center ONS

SSC-ONS Selects Essentials to Manage & Improve Workspace Performance

The Shared Service Center (SSC-ONS) is a joint venture among the cities of Zwolle and Kampen and the province of Overijssel. Established in July 2014, the duties of the SSC-ONS include HR services, procurement and contract management and IT.  The basic principle of the organization is to offer as many standardized services as possible to its partners.   The mission is to standardize user profiles in the Windows desktop environment, improve user experience and achieve smooth migrations from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Two other key focuses include improving  the workspace user experience for the approximately 3,000 employee and to reduce costs. One part of this project concerns the standardization of registration and management of user profiles. Standardized, well-managed profiles are essential to ensure that users get access to the rights, functionality and applications they need for their work upon login to their desktops. The SSC-ONS worked with a previous solution that was never fully developed by the vendor. This lapse, combined with the fact that user profiles at different partners were organized differently, made it important to identify a new supplier.

The SSC-ONS ICT department had several important criteria when selecting a new supplier including functionality, flexibility, support options and pricing.

Ultimately the SSC-ONS chose Liquidware Essentials, including ProfileUnity, FlexApp and Stratusphere UX, as its workplace management solution.  The affordable bundle met the required criteria and will help the organization achieve its goals of smoothly migrating to Windows 10, improving and delivering a consistent quality user experience on workspaces and cutting the operational costs of delivering services and support to its member municipalities.