U.S. Defense Agency

DoD agency leverages ProfileUnity, Stratusphere FIT and UX to deliver complex virtual desktop infrastructure

An U.S. DoD agency was faced with demanding performance requirements, strict and specific security regulations and a skeptical user base with it wanted to launch a virtual desktop infrastructure.  With operations worldwide, the agency saw virtual desktops as a way to reduce its substantial support burden and improve performance.  However a significant obstacle was the overall scope of the computing environment which needed to comply with DoD network and information security regulations.  In addition, desktop users were reluctant to change, so it was important that the virtual desktops presented superior performance from the outset of the project.

With the help of DH Technologies, the agency used Sratusphere FIT to conduct an assessment of the existing infrastructure in order to accurately map out the target virtual desktop environment. Once the findings were in and analyzed, it was determined that non-persistent virtual desktops delivered by PCoIP to zero-client laptops would best meet the needs of the agency's user base. As part of the overall project scope, enhancements to storage and network infrastructures were also required.  Also as part of the initial planning phases, it was determined that Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity should be leveraged to support user environment management at the agency as well as Stratusphere UX to proactively monitor desktops to help prevent outages.   The initial pilot included 1,500 desktops but quickly the project will expand to more than 10,000 users overall.

Today, the once-reluctant user base is singing the praises of how well their desktops perform, but also the support teams are equally enthusiastic as they have seen the number of help desk requests drop significantly.  If a problem develops, users can simply log out of sessions and log back into resume work where the left off.  In addition the new desktops are more secure and easier to manage with the visibility provided by Stratusphere UX.