Liquidware Labs™ Demos Advanced Desktop Solutions at Citrix® Synergy

The company’s solutions remain the best option for growing large-scale Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop VDI deployments with robust enterprise-scalable user virtualization and user experience monitoring.

ANAHEIM, CA - May 22, 2013 - Liquidware Labs,the leader in desktop transformation solutions, announced today it will demo its award-winning solutions ProfileUnity™ FlexApp™ and Stratusphere™ UX at its Booth #625 at Citrix  Synergy 2013.

“Citrix has decades of history in bringing innovation to the delivery of next generation workspaces,” said J. Tyler Rohrer, Liquidware Labs co-founder and Director of Alliances. “Since Liquidware Labs won the Citrix Solution of the Year award for ProfileUnity, we have rolled out this solution to hundreds of customers, working closely with leading Citrix Partners to ensure successful XenApp and XenDesktop projects.  As these projects mature and scale, we’re also seeing more and more customers adopt Stratusphere UX to extend the visibility of EdgeSight monitoring to include detailed desktop user experience metrics across all Citrix platforms.”

ProfileUnity: User Management for Physical and Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Environments

ProfileUnity offers enterprise-class, scalable ‘hands-off’ migrations to on-board more users from legacy environments to virtual environments.   ProfileUnity provisions settings and fully manages a user’s desktop profile, and can even manage a single application’s profile or the application itself.  ProfileUnity can deliver users’ persona and applications simultaneously across multiple deployment methods and Windows operating systems.  All of this is done per user, per application, per session and more with our advanced user and environmental level context-aware filters.   ProfileUnity also provides these specific benefits to Citrix customers:

  • Automated on-boarding of more users to Citrix® XenApp, XenDesktop platforms
  • Simultaneous profile support and migration for mixed OS environments (i.e., Windows® XP/7/Server 2003/2008/2012*/Physical/Virtual/Remote Branch Office)
  • Cross-platform profile management provides fast, reliable logons
  • Profile portability beyond the Windows user profile store
  • Advanced profile cleanup for XenApp Servers
  • FlexApp application virtualization for XenDesktop supports both user and department Installed applications even for non-persistent desktops!
  • Centralized printer and drive mapping, shortcuts and internet links
  • Advanced context-aware capabilities
  • Automated provisioning of standard user OS & application settings
  • Folder redirection with built-in data migration, throttling, and migration status logging
  • Alternative to Microsoft USMT for migrations to Citrix platform -- zero user downtime during migrations!
  • PDF summary reports detailing your organizations configurations

*Full support of Windows 8/Server 2012 planned for Q3.

Stratusphere UX: Desktop Monitoring and Diagnostics Extends Citrix EdgeSight

Using unique, patented technology, Stratusphere UX is an essential desktop monitoring tool for virtual desktop administrators who support mixed virtual-and-physical production environments. Stratusphere UX benefits environments where Citrix virtual desktops are in production, and administrators are looking to gauge User Experience, Application Experience, consumption and constraints at a user, application, host/server or I/O subsystem level.

Desktop user experience intelligence is delivered via and updated Stratusphere UX Web UI using our new Preview Inspectors.  These new inspectors provide easy access to granular user, machine, and application metrics (at an owner / PID process level) to gauge user satisfaction and help quickly troubleshoot the virtual infrastructure. Stratusphere UX also provides detailed Reports for Assessments, Resource Consumption, Performance, User Experience Comparison, Health Checks, Diagnostics, and more specifically, XenApp focused reports. Stratusphere UX can be used for the following specific requirements in Citrix desktop environments:

  • XenApp Usage Summary by Users, Machines & Applications
  • XenApp Application Usage and Licensing Summary by Usage Count
  • Identification of issues at an individual process and owner level
  • XenApp Server load balancing validation
  • Adding more users, with different working habits (i.e., remote vs. in-office) or more complex desktop images (knowledge or power workers)
  • Validation of consumption and user experience before using XenApp and after
  • Ability to conduct agnostic bakeoffs between competing products to compare performance before deploying in production

For environments running Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, Stratusphere UX provides a view into the virtualization and storage layers in addition to detailed user, machine and applications metrics.  Inspectors make drill downs into application and other processes quick and straightforward.    Stratusphere UX runs as a virtual appliance, is platform agnostic and provides an independent system for data metrics collection to complement Citrix EdgeSight.  Stratusphere UX also provides sophisticated diagnostics for troubleshooting complex virtual desktop environments.

About Liquidware Labs

Liquidware Labs™ is the leader in desktop transformation solutions for next-generation physical and virtual desktops, including VMware View®, Citrix® XenDesktop, Red Hat® and Microsoft® Windows 7. The company's innovative Stratusphere™ FIT and Stratusphere™ UX products support assessment, design, monitoring and diagnostics (Health Checks) of virtual desktop environments. Liquidware Labs award-winning ProfileUnity™ solution with FlexApp, FlexDisk and Flex-IO features supports migration to Windows 7, user and application virtualization and VDI performance acceleration. Liquidware Labs products are VMware-certified and Citrix Ready, and are available through a global network of partners. Visit for further information.