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Liquidware is the leader in adaptive workspace management solutions for next-generation physical, virtual and cloud-hosted desktops.

The company’s products encompass all facets of management to ensure the ultimate user experience across all workspaces - physical, virtual, DaaS, RDSH or in the cloud.  Enterprise companies across the globe utilize Liquidware solutions to dramatically decrease time spent managing desktops, while delivering increased security, flexibility and scalability. Supported platforms include Microsoft physical, WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop), and RDS desktops, Citrix Desktops, VMware Horizon View, Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS), and Nutanix FRAME.

The company's offerings, including Stratusphere UX for monitoring and diagnostics, ProfileUnity for user profile and environment management, and FlexApp advanced application layering, provides a comprehensive approach to desktop transformation.  Organizations can decouple users and applications from the operating system and desktop image. Partners leveraging Liquidware solutions can offer desktop environment inventory,  image design, migration, health checks and ongoing monitoring to their customers.

Top Reasons for Partners to Work with Liquidware include:

  • First and still the only company with a complete suite of products to support a desktop transformation lifecycle
  • Equip partners with training on proprietary desktop transformation methodology to expertly ramp up on cutting edge desktop technologies
  • Patented, award-winning technology designed specifically to work natively with Windows environments, across virtual, RDSH, cloud and physical environments
  • Platform agnostic support across all Windows desktop platforms.  One set of solutions for all desktops
  • Straightforward deployment of solutions as a virtual appliance; no additional backend infrastructure needed, simplifying deployments and saving money.
  • Solutions are feature-rich and cost-effective, lowering barriers to customer adoption
  • Strong partnerships with and highly complementary to alliance vendors, including VMware,  Citrix, Nutanix, Amazon and Google
  • Management team with extensive long-term experience and strong commitment to developing unique patented virtualization technologies

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