Deliver Apps with Intune

Liquidware FlexApp One and MS Endpoint Manager Intune

Use Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune with FlexApp for Maximum Ease

Keeping Windows base images clean on managed physical PCs has never been easier now that FlexApp applications can be directly deployed with Microsoft Endpoint Manager’s Intune service. By leveraging the FlexApp One self-contained app format, Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune will have one simple file to enable Windows sessions to attach virtually any applications rather than install them.

FlexApp’s compatibility with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune is great for organizations that want to roll out their applications via FlexApp One apps without degrading base images in multiple install/uninstall routines, which is a main cause of Windows slowdown AKA Windows rot.

Organizations that leverage Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune for central application deployment can now take advantage of the benefits of attaching applications with FlexApp. FlexApp One is an integrated feature of Liquidware FlexApp, making the choice yours.  You now have the freedom to deploy applications with Liquidware’s central web-based management console which lends additional functionality to your environment or deploy FlexApp One applications directly with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Intune.