Windows Desktop Migrations

If you’re a desktop administrator tasked with migrating users to the latest version of Windows — whether physical, virtual or DAAS — you'll find that ProfileUnity can help automate the process, keep it more secure, and prevent many of the errors that can arise from scripting and manual processes. Learn more about how ProfileUnity helped our customers, Hanze UniversityAkzo Nobel, Hyundai Heavy Industries and NHBC complete this task successfully in large desktop environments.

ProfileUnity makes Windows user profile migrations to Windows 10/Server 2016 at least 4X faster and much more accurate. Migrate once with ProfileUnity and you have potentially ended this task forever with the following advantages:

  • ProfileUnity automatically "harvests" user profiles, settings, user-authored data and application settings from existing profiles, enhancing efficiency and precision in the Windows migration process. ProfileUnity resolves multi-version user profile issues (from Windows XP, 7, 8.1) to maintain compatibility with Windows 10 and Server 2016.

  • Agent software does not translate the profile; rather the profile retains Windows' own native formats.

  • The solution creates a "universal user profile" that supports co-existing (both backward and forward compatibility) over multiple Microsoft Windows OSs, allowing you to "migrate once and forever" to newer desktop or server OS versions.

  • Administrators can automatically "clean up" profiles before the migration is started, so only the desired parts of the profile and user-authored data and files are moved over. ProfileUnity further compresses the remaining user-profile transfer and network storage in a ratio that is as much as 50:1, for more efficient use of storage resources.

  • Profile and data migration with ProfileUnity features ZERO user downtime. Users can literally log off their legacy desktop and instantly log on to the new desktop with their updated user profile.

  • ProfileUnity seamlessly makes users' custom application data settings available, even across disparate versions of virtually all applications.

  • User-authored data (e.g., My Documents, Videos, Pictures, etc.) syncs automatically in the background while Centralized Data Migration Reporting validates that groups of users are migrated successfully. These advanced features ensure user data is migrated and that administrators know exactly which migrations were successful and which were not. 

ProfileUnity profiles are compatible across all desktop delivery platforms. Whether the new version OS is on physical desktops or Citrix or VMware virtual desktops, the profile will work seamlessly – with no downtime – for users who can simply log off older desktops and log on to upgraded desktops. Best of all, ProfileUnity goes beyond Windows user profile migrations to offer robust User Environment Management so that post migration, administrators can continue to manage user profiles efficiently and boost desktop security with in-place desktop backup and DR / replication strategies.