ProfileUnity Features & Benefits

Go beyond Microsoft Group Policies and set context-aware standards for data management, desktop lockdown and more. 

Included in ProfileUnity, Application Restrictions and Privilege Elevation features ensure security and control.

From Windows Migrations to Office 365/Outlook management, ProfileUnity's profile handling technologies are unparalleled.

Manage User Profiles Across All Desktop Platforms – Physical, Virtual and Cloud

ProfileUnityUser Environment Management ends the need for roaming profiles or basic profile tools. The solution supports zero downtime user migrations to Windows 10, and Server 2016, and to DaaS platforms such as Amazon WorkSpaces, Citrix Desktops on Azure, VMware Horizon hosted desktops, or Microsoft RDS & RDMI. ProfileUnity speeds overall logon times and streamlines user management, by providing unified User Profiles with Application Rights Management and Context-Aware Policies for granular control of users on any Windows OS, on any desktop delivery platform, including physical, virtual or cloud. ProfileDisk is a special feature in ProfileUnity, that leverages a virtual disk to handle extremely large profiles (including those with MS Outlook Index and Search, and Microsoft Office 365 Caching) to deliver lightning fast profiles that are fully customizable. Profiles and user data can also be stored on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft clouds, reducing the cost and complexity of delivering Windows.  For more details, see the  ProfileUnity Advanced Features List.

“All students’ user profiles, configurations and application settings are managed by ProfileUnity, which delivers personalization to the non-persistent VM assigned to the...

Florida Atlantic University College of Engineering and Computer Sciences (FAU)

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