Operations & First-tier Support

Manage To The Desktop Details That Matter Most

When supporting helpdesk operations, there are many performance indicators that can be consulted to triage and operationalize an incident. Traditional desktop and workspaces approaches—regardless of whether they are physical PCs, virtual machines or cloud-delivered—tend to focus on the machine or infrastructure. And platform approaches, such as those from Citrix or VMware, tend to be aimed at secondary indicators or are focused on resources that will not tell you the whole story.

Liquidware Stratusphere Supports Troubleshooting by  First Tier HelpDesk Admins

Stratusphere UX focuses on the user experience from the user's point of view. This is critical if your operations and first-tier support ultimately measure and define successful when you have productive, satisfied users—as opposed to a definition of success that is based on 'functioning' infrastructure. To that end, Stratusphere UX helps you focus on the details that matter most to the user experience, which includes the ability to:

  • Provide detailed analysis of a single user, single machine or single application view; suitable for entry-level desktop admins
  • Execute a cursory point-in-time analysis to help quickly route trouble calls to appropriate, more senior IT team members
  • Leverage a powerful application programming interface (API) to integrate in-guest and user experience metrics into other platforms and solutions
  • Create a shared and agnostic measure of user experience that transcends platform and Windows delivery approach (including physical, virtual and cloud-based workspaces)

Stratusphere UX 360 Dashboards provide operations and first-tier support admins with the visibility required to quickly triage and act upon challenges that affect user experience.

Liquidware 360 Dashboards for First Tier HelpDesk Admins