Work From Home

Work From Home

Quickly and Accurately Ramp-Up Work-From-Home Workspaces

Today many organizations are focused on providing Work from Home options to their employees.  But this can be very challenging due to the sheer number of delivery alternatives. Companies can choose from several approaches when they deploy WFH programs.   They can supply corporate-owned fat clients.  They may opt to provide zero or thin clients.  Or they may need to rely on their workers’ personal devices.  Workspaces can be in on-premises datacenters or in the cloud.

The Key To Success –  Stratusphere UX End-to-End Metrics Data

The secret to success for these programs is to be sure that you’ve answered three key questions.  First, are your workers connected?  That is, do they have the basic technologies that they need to perform their jobs remotely?   Second, are workers operational?  Meaning can they login quickly?  Are their apps responsive?   Are their network connections free from latency and jitter?   And finally, are they being productive?  Are workers active on their workspaces and getting their jobs done?  Regardless of how you deploy workspaces, Stratusphere UX lets you home in on the specific data tied to your delivery option to answer these principal questions.

Are Your Workers Connected?

Stratusphere UX supplies three categories of metrics to evaluate work from home programs.  The first, that we call consumption metrics, helps answer the question “are your workers connected?”  These are essentially “inventory” kind of metrics that describe the resources that you currently or plan to deploy that include hardware, OS, applications, CPU, memory, disk and so on, also including workspace platforms and cloud infrastructure.

Are Your Workers Operational?

The second category is User Experience metrics which show if your workers are fully “operational.”  These metrics reflect the behavior of the workspace, and examples are UX score, Login Delay, Apps Load Time or Apps Not Responding, and so on.  They help you determine whether workspaces are performing as required or if potential issues may be cropping up.

Are Your Workers Productive?

Finally, Stratusphere UX provides User Productivity metrics that confirm that workers are spending their time actively engaged on workspaces.  These metrics include such things as Wi-Fi strength and distance, the duration of user sessions and what apps are actively being used. 

The following table correlates the unique Stratusphere UX metrics that can help determine the answers to each of these questions.

Liquidware Work from Home Metrics Chart

Other Liquidware Solutions Enable the Smooth Launch of Work From Home Programs

Liquidware's ProfileUnity makes user profile migrations to Windows 10/Server 2016 at least 4X faster and much more accurate. ProfileUnity automatically "harvests" user profiles, settings, user-authored data and application settings from existing profiles, enhancing efficiency and precision in the Windows migration process. ProfileUnity resolves multi-version user profile issues (from Windows XP, 7, 8.1) to maintain compatibility with Windows 10 and Server 2016.

Liquidware's FlexApp delivers applications across any Windows desktop environment without installing them. Apps follow the user from the data center or the cloud, even if they’ve logged onto a new desktop. FlexApp can be leveraged to quickly deploy applications with the need to modify base images. The solution is compatible with any Windows desktop or server including Citrix Virtual Apps and Amazon AppStream.

Leveraging Cloud Storage for Quick Burst Scaling of WFH Programs

User on-boarding of virtual workspaces is automated and always ready for quick burst scaling in the event of crisis situations or changing business needs. Liquidware solutions optionally leverage universally available and replicated cloud-based storage from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Support of these object-based storage platforms is innovative and ideal for cloud staging of your users’ smart profiles and data, enabling logins from new alternate desktops and locations at a moment’s notice.

Organizations which leverage Liquidware solutions can quickly migrate from physical Windows desktops to any platform, including Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream, Microsoft WVD, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, or VMware Horizon. Employees can easily and securely work from home immediately.