FlexApp for Cloud-hosted desktops and DaaS

Application Layering for Cloud-based Desktops

FlexApp simplifies application delivery for cloud-based desktops. One of the best aspects of FlexApp is its ability to seamlessly integrate with many different platforms. FlexApp is truly flexible and was designed for use in any Windows desktop including cloud hosted virtual desktops.

At its core, any Cloud or hosted DaaS platform is designed to provide better, more efficient user access to desktop infrastructure. Enterprise level virtual desktops administrators demand enterprise level application delivery. With FlexApp, administrators can take advantage of advanced application layering that decouples application management from core VDI or infrastructure management. This approach to application delivery allows for a more efficient application lifecycle management process. Application layering with FlexApp in cloud-based desktop environments further streamlines desktop delivery by minimizing base image management with truly dynamic application layers that are delivery just in time to users’ desktops.

A centrally managed and replicated FlexApp infrastructure, can support multiple desktop delivery methods and is a perfect application delivery technology for dynamic cloud hosted virtual desktops.