Amazon AppStream

Amazon AppStream

FlexApp Streamlines Management, Cost of Amazon AppStream

Amazon AppStream is a state-of-the-art, fully managed application streaming service. Enterprises can centrally manage desktop applications securely and deliver them to any endpoints across the globe. Enterprises can scale to any number of users worldwide without acquiring, provisioning, and operating hardware or infrastructure. Amazon AppStream is built on AWS infrastructure, so enterprises benefit from data center and network architecture designed for the most security-sensitive organizations.

Liquidware helps achieve that scalability and efficiency in a few unique ways leveraging our products. Stratusphere UX is the industry-leading user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution that allows administrators to optimize both the management and user experience of the AppStream platform. Identifying boot delay, authentication workflow statistics, User profile performance as well as general AppStream performance metrics are just a few of the many use cases supported by the visibility provided by Stratusphere UX.

Liquidware FlexApp is now the first application layering solution to support Amazon AppStream.  In doing so, the product greatly streamlines the management thereof, and drives down costs down for organizations. FlexApp achieves these operational and cost savings by allowing administrators to leverage a single Windows Server base image to deliver multiple applications.  This approach eliminates the need to constantly update the base image or affect user productivity with application updates. FlexApp layered applications are not installed to the base image of the AppStream Windows Server, but instead are layered onto the server, where they look, react, and feel as if they were natively installed.

FlexApp and ProfileUnity are both equipped with the ability to migrate profiles and applications to cloud-based storage, including, among others, Amazon S3. This function enables users to reap critical efficiencies during desktop migrations to cloud platforms like Amazon AppStream and Amazon WorkSpaces. In this adoption process, FlexApp layers provide a singular delivery mechanism from a highly available S3 bucket.

For detailed instructions about how FlexApp integrates with AppStream, please read the support document here.

"FlexApp has been a godsend...a basic update would cause me to spend 20 minutes each on 60 machines. Now I spend 20 minutes once, so the time savings are a factor of 60 or more.

IT Support Contractor University Center at Ponca City

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