Aug 2 views: 4,251 0
This video provides an overview of new features in ProfileUnity FlexApp including our exclusive on-demand, Click-to-Layer option and per-user Session Isolation for Citrix XenApp and Microsoft RDSH.
Aug 2 views: 3,391 0
This video provides an overview of Liquidware ProfileUnity and FlexApp's Role Based Access and Auditing. Enterprises with multiple Administrators and Multi-tenant environments will find Role Based Access very helpful in their daily management of User...
Jun 28 views: 3,651 0

This video provides a technical overview of FlexApp application layering, including Basic Features and Terminology and Architectural Elements of the platform.

Jun 28 views: 3,234 0

This video showcases how FlexApp application layering integrates with Amazon Workspace and how the application delivery process provides applications on demand to users on this platform.

Jun 28 views: 2,551 0
This video provides an overview of the simplicity and speed of the application capture process within FlexApp, providing a basis by which to compare how FlexApp performs this process versus competing application layering solutions.
May 4 views: 4,091 0

This video provides a direct comparison of the time it takes to publish/entitle an application to users once it has been packaged. FlexApp is fast and straightforward while Unidesk/Citrix App Layering applications are encumbered by numerous steps by...

May 4 views: 2,805 0

Gain flexibility, save time, and lower the cost of application delivery and administration with FlexApp. FlexApp layering is the only application layering delivery solution that supports Amazon WorkSpaces. FlexApp layering solves the time-consuming...

May 4 views: 4,203 0

Liquidware FlexApp layers applications into any well-connected Windows desktop environment. It is especially ideal for Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp, VMware Horizon View, and Amazon WorkSpaces environments. The solution features fast packaging and...

Jun 22 views: 4,725 0

This video provides an overview of how Liquidware Labs FlexApp application layering technology is ushering in a new age in sizing, designing and delivering applications in Teaching Labs. These dynamic labs overcome the constraints imposed by...


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