Deliver Flexible, Dynamic and Cost-efficient Computer Labs As A Service in Educational Environments

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 10:00
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Tyler Rohrer
The traditional Computer Labs model limits an academic institution’s ability to support student populations as they change and grow, and diverts a disproportionate amount of college budgets to acquiring and maintaining end-point hardware devices. This model also limits the flexibility of instructors and IT administrators to add or change applications on-the-fly without requiring extensive manual work or a potential hardware refresh. Go beyond the limitations of traditional Computer Labs in K-12 to Post-Secondary Institutions with the new CLaaS solution by Gazoo for Amazon Workspaces. Together they bring a best of breed solution delivering Computer Labs As A Service (CLaaS) in an easy to implement and cost effective method that incorporates Liquidware’s profile management capability. This solution provides Anytime, Anywhere Learning, by providing a dynamically scaling, flexible environment that takes educational computer labs into the next generation while maintaining user experience.
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