Enabling a Quick and Seamless VDI Migration to GCP

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - 10:00
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James Riley, Thomas Lahaussois, Shiva Raja
Migrating VDI to the cloud can be achieved in a rapid manner with the right game plan and tools in place. Organizations are increasingly leveraging cloud automation to seamlessly bring end-user configurations to the cloud and right-size their new Desktop as a Service environment. In this session, itopia, HYCU, and Liquidware focus on making migration to GCP easy. You’ll learn how your organization can: Assess, don’t guess. Design your target virtual desktop environment correctly by programmatically gathering the applications and security policies your end-users are using. Migrate users quickly to the cloud without downtime with follow-me profiles. Validate success by quantitatively comparing before/after user experience of on-premises vs. cloud computing.