The Essential Functions to User Experience in the Cloud

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Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 12:30
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Tyler Rohrer & Kevin Cooke

When organizations made the move from physical to virtual servers, it was a no-brainer. Fast forward some time, and some of these workloads have moved to the cloud with similar and increasing benefit. For the right use cases, it just works—both from a technology standpoint and with respect to ROI. Desktops on the other hand, have had varying degrees of success. The move from physical PCs to on premises server-based workloads, such as VDI, have realized some benefit. However, mass adoption and ubiquity have eluded most. In this webinar we'll examine past trends and note the similar trend with user-centric workloads in the cloud. Will DaaS be a slam dunk? Or will it require the same attention to meeting expectations and the delivery of user experience as on-prem desktop management.

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