Planning a Windows 7 to 10 Migration

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Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 19:45
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Jason E. Smith and Jack Smith

Support for Windows 7 is ending. Join Liquidware experts on this webinar to learn how our offerings can save you time and money when migrating to Windows 10. Microsoft and other platform partners offer more options than ever to deliver desktops including physical, virtual and soon, WVD on Azure Cloud. In this webinar you’ll learn your options for understanding and identifying your use cases, extending the shelf life of existing devices and upgrading your desktops to Windows 10 with no user downtime. Liquidware products propel you through this process: Stratusphere UX delivers a complete picture of desktop environment. Define use cases and select the most appropriate Microsoft delivery platform. Save more by extending the shelf life of existing hardware and pruning out old or unused applications to get licenses in line with usage. ProfileUnity automates user migration in the background, performing them round the clock. Migrations are 4x faster. Move only the profile parts you want to retain. Users stay productive with no downtime. Migrate once to Windows 10 and universal profiles stay relevant even as versions change. FlexApp allows you to deploy an application strategy to deliver apps on demand, thus helping you to design optimum base desktop images and reducing the number you must manage.