Process Optimization Made Easy

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Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 23:00
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Chris Walker

Managing the performance of Windows-based workloads can be a challenge due to the constant changes to OS, apps and other practices. But Process Optimization in Stratusphere UX can intelligently minimize the effect of changes and boost user experience. Liquidware’s Chris Walker, will discuss the trends that make Process Optimization a must-have in your environment, for all of your desktops -- physical, virtual and cloud-delivered workspaces. With Process Optimization, you can achieve greater user and workload density on shared platforms, extend the lifespan of older PCs, reallocate underutilized resources and make users even more productive without any added software or resources. This presentation is geared toward administrators at enterprise organizations who are looking to lessen the effects of CPU-intensive applications, extend the life of older PCs, Curb CPU spikes, and provide greater resource efficiency without adding additional operations overhead.

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