Tackling the Top 3 Challenges in a Windows 10 Migration

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Thursday, August 10, 2017 - 10:00
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Jason Smith & Jack Smith
Learn how to apply our solutions in a 3-step approach to tackling the challenges of a Windows 10 migration, including: Hardware Stratusphere UX provides a comprehensive picture of desktop environment computer resources so you can right size new hardware when you upgrade, and keep your PC Refresh costs down. Users Migrating user profiles to a new version Window OS is a painful, slow manual process unless you utilize ProfileUnity for automated in-the-background migrations. Migrations are at least 4x faster with Liquidware. Profiles can be cleaned up. Users stay productive with no downtime. Applications Stratusphere UX provides you with an inventory of current applications to check compatibility with Windows 10 and retire unused, aging apps. FlexApp allows you to deploy an application strategy to deliver apps on demand, while reducing the number of base desktop images you must manage.