You are Now Free to SCALE Your Desktop Delivery!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017 - 11:30
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Jason Smith, Tyler Rohrer, Victor Fiss

For far too long enterprises, agencies, and organizations have struggled with the increasing cost, complexity, and proprietary requirements of legacy desktop and application solutions from VMware and Citrix. Those days are now over. Offering previously unattainable simplicity, and up to a 60% reduction in total cost of ownership – Parallels and Liquidware Labs have collaborated to bring you RAS 15.5 with Liquidware Labs VDI Essentials. From virtual desktop and application delivery onto the enterprise features of Application Layering, User Environment Management, and Visibility – come join us to learn how the most progressive companies are optimizing user and admin experience. With options for on Premises, Hybrid, and Public Cloud deployment the time has never been better to fact check your 2017 End User Computing projects.