About Liquidware

We design display based devices and development
tools to speed up your R & D

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Liquidware designs display-based devices and development tools to speed up your R&D. Browse through our catalog or check out some of the latest devices:

BeagleTouch Modular touch screen display meets the BeagleBoard…
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Android Hardware Development Kit – a single, solution for prototyping…
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BeagleBone incorporates laptop-like performance without a large desktop…
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Random function added to the TouchShield core…
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Gadget Pack – everything you need to make a cool, portable Arduino device…
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Custom electronics engineering: technology on tap

Liquidware is an electronics engineering company. We apply electronic technology in innovative ways to solve real-world problems and deliver unique functionality in finished products. Our experience includes all aspects of design, development and production. We can rapidly deliver proof of concept and one-off products, provide sourcing and procurement, quickly ramp up short run or volume manufacturing, or operate in a purely technology advisory capacity.

Innovative technology: impossible meets affordable

We are driven by challenge and focused on delivery. Our greatest satisfaction is to rapidly deliver an innovative technology solution that a customer thinks is impossible to achieve. But practically, all solutions are governed by cost. Our ability to fine-tune designs and bills of material for manufacturability results in low-cost innovative products that can be less expensive than off the shelf solutions. We’d like to hear from you about your ideas – no matter how improbable they seem.

Rapid development: moving fast with confidence

To move fast with confidence requires minimal project ‘overhead’ and proven processes. Our senior, experienced Liquidware developers interface directly with our customers and perform the hands-on development work. Our five-step development process, proven through many projects, provides transparency, logical progression, and minimal administrative overhead – so that we can move fast and keep costs down.

Modular electronic devices: get ready to innovate

We love technology. We have access to the latest technologies and use them in our own development of a wide range of ‘ready to innovate’ modular electronic devices and complementary software components. We sell these in our shop to support those companies and individuals that prefer to perform some or all of their own development work.