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Triangle Extenders

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Christopher Columbus didn’t believe the world was flat, so why should every gadget or project be that way? Sometimes I don’t like having to move my neck 2 inches in order to look down onto whatever program I’m writing for my Arduino, and I wish the Arduino had a way of propping up my shield… 45 degrees would suffice, thanks!

Now all your projects and gadgets can stand up vertically on their own, without falling over, looking top heavy, or needing silly putty to keep them at just the right angle.

The Triangle Extenders solve all those problems with a special extender for the right side, and another for the left that replicate all of the Arduino’s pins forward, up, and out 45 degrees. Then, just snap a shield onto the pin headers, and hack away!


  • 1.77×1.15 inches
  • 142mm x 30mm PCB only
  • Arduino replicated mounting holes for left and right
  • Arduino replicated plated through-hole headers for left and right
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.