Introducing the Arduino GPS GeoShield >

This video introduces the GeoShield for the Arduino. The GeoShield picks up GPS coordinates, 3-axis accelerometer readings, and compass direction and heading. watch >

Android on the Liquidware BeagleBoard Gadget Pack >

This video shows Android up and running on the Beagleboard embedded GadgetPack by Liquidware. The Beagleboard GadgetPack is a modular touchscreen OLED rapid prototyping system that runs Android natively and downloads and runs APK’s. watch >


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Liquidware Introduces Amber, the First Customizable, Off-the-Shelf Android Tablet – March 28, 2012

The explosive growth of tablets in mainstream consumer computing has made a broad range of specialized, embedded applications possible. However, customizing consumer hardware… more

Liquidware Announces Android Hardware Development Kit – October 21, 2010

Based on requests from Android developers and embedded engineers, Liquidware is releasing a software stack and modular hardware platform for rapid prototyping and deployment of Android-based systems… more

Liquidware Announces Ebook Reader Development Kit – September 24, 2010

With the explosion of Ebook readers and handheld media devices on the market today, Liquidware announces the first Ebook Reader development kit, designed by engineers, for engineers… more

Liquidware Announces Scientific Calculator Based on Open Source Computing Platform – August 5, 2010

Liquidware, a leading manufacturer of rapid prototyping platforms for embedded systems, industrial and biomedical applications, as well as defense research, announced today the first scientific calculator driven by the open source BeagleBoard hardware platform… more

Liquidware Brings Modular, Rapid Prototyping to the BeagleBoard Embedded Platform – June 14, 2010

Liquidware, a leading embedded engineering firm, announced 3 new rapid prototyping modules for the BeagleBoard portable computing platform, making high performance mobile hardware development faster, cheaper, and more accessible to engineers and hobbyists alike… more