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Android Hardware Development Environment

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Developers working solely to build custom Android software applications have had no need to access hardware, making the Nexus a suitable platform for their projects.

However, with the growth of Android as an embedded operating system, more and more companies have explored the option of interfacing Android with customized hardware. In addition to building their own software applications, they have sought out Android compatible hardware development kits to make rapid development possible.

In addition to the Hardware Development Kit, this Hardware Development Environment provides the toolchain to make the firmware and software entirely customizable.

These engineers found the need to access and modify code at lower levels than typically accessible with readily available Android tools. While the current Android SDK accomodates those working purely in the Android application environment, but changing command line apps, algorithms or GUI references, or modifying touchscreen drivers has been practically non-existent, and time intensive at best.

Working with a network of leading Android hardware developers, Liquidware has developed the Integrated Android Hardware Development Environment (HDE). The Integrated Android HDE solves this problem by providing custom-tailored development platform, saving engineers weeks of coding and toolchain customization.

This enables engineers to build a bootable Android OS they specifically customized to drive their own hardware. This HDE package includes dev tools for every step of the process, from firmware development to custom device drivers and user interface enhancements.

The Hardware Development Environment ships as a fully loaded Linux-based DVD.

Mixed Mode Code Editing

Custom Android Build Targets

Package Contents

  • Eclipse SD Tools plug-in
  • GCC/Java/ARM GCC
  • Eclipse Project Files
  • Boot partition tools
  • Rootfs partition tools
  • Android SDK
  • USB Hardware Debug tool
  • Custom-written Android Kernel Device Drivers
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.