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OpenBerry Pack

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Just the other day the battery on my iPhone died, and naturally I thought… what a pain it is that I couldn’t just swap out a battery, switch the transceiver to XBee, power it via an Arduino, and be on my way!

The OpenBerry Pack is like the Open Source Hardware version of the iPhone, Blackberry, Verizon RAZR, Palm Pilot, and anything else that looks like it all wrapped into one. I suppose you could technically call it a “XBeeBerry” given the wireless protocol, but that’s a bit of a mouthful…

It’s a portable rapid prototyping system for making wireless gadgets… as proof of concepts, or just something to hack on, and it doesn’t come with a 5,000 year contract that costs $6,000 for an early termination. And the FAA won’t come knocking just because you’re hacking the airwaves with CDMA!

The Full kit comes with everything under the sun needed to make an Arduino XBee base station, and a self-contained XBee, ButtonShield, OLED touchscreen, Lithium powered gadget, while the simple kit only comes with 1 Arduino (in case you already have one), and the No Wireless is like the simple kit, but also doesn’t have any wireless cards (also, in case you already have some). Finally, the Dual Rapid Prototypes are if you’re really serious, and want a spare backup, or a second communicator – it comes with two full handsets, plus one base station (e.g. with 3 Arduinos, 3 XBee boards)!



TouchShield Slide:
  • 320×240 OLED Screen
  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • Holds 60 128×128 bitmap images
  • Compatible with Arduino Environment
  • Only Uses Arduino Pins: 3 and 4
  • Graphics Library Ready to Go
  • Draw Shapes, Pixels, Colors, Graphs, Buttons
  • 2.83 inch diagonal
  • ATmega168
  • 14 i/o pins
  • 6 PWM
  • 6 Analog
  • 16MHz
  • 26 key buttons
  • 2 Operating Modes, A & B
  • Pin-out like the InputShield
  • Fits squarely on top of Arduino
  • Controllable white LED in the middle of the button grid
DoubleWide ExtenderShield:
  • 4.2in tall x 2.7in wide
  • 108mm tall x 69mm wide
  • Arduino replicated mounting holes
  • Arduino replicated plated through-holes
  • Solderable dev area
MeCap Lithium Backpack:
  • Medium Capacity 1000mAh Lithium Ion Battery (15 Standby Arduino Hours)
  • Rechargeable via Arduino USB
  • Rechargeable via USB Tybe-B Mini Cable
  • Supplies regulated 5V and 3.3V
  • Monitor battery voltage status

Reference and Firmware


Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.