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7-Pin IXM Programming Cable

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I wanted to program specific IXM cells along the edge of my array without moving my Red Terminal Programmer around. So I hacked around and created a cable dedicated to interfacing an IXM cell directly to the computer via USB.

The cable has a USB Type A connector on one end and a 7-pin male header that plugs into the side of any IXM cell on the other end. This way, I can download code or upload data from my IXM to the PC. However, this cable is for data transfer only, and isn’t going to have enough power to supply any cell.


  • 7-pin male header
  • USB Type A connector
  • 3 ft
  • USB 2.0 compatible; up to 3 Mbps via serial
Get in touch if you have any questions, or ideas for something you want me to build.